NACAS is an independent professional body for care workers in the UK. A not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes the care working vocation as a profession, and gives support, representation and advice to those working as front-line care workers in the social care sector.

Professional Care Workers' Day

4th September

NACAS is NOT a trade union.

We are a professional body – a group of care workers – celebrating what we do, supporting each other, and raising standards. We aim to ensure that we are recognised for our work, as professionals. We share our knowledge and experience to help us all work to the highest level, and conduct ourselves in the correct manner. All our members agree to our Code of Conduct.

By coming together as a professional body, we aim to ensure that all care workers are treated fairly and that they know and understand what they are entitled to receive in terms of Care Worker Rights.

Care workers are some of the most important people employed in social care and deserve respect. NACAS’s membership is growing every day, so why not join your fellow workers; we would love to welcome you as a member. Membership is open to anyone working in the social care sector as a care worker or in other caring and supporting roles.

Thinking of a career in care? Is it for you? Do you have what it takes to join our amazing profession?

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Individual membership is only £3 a month.

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