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All subscribing NACAS members have an entry on our Member Register.

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NACAS protects the identity of its members, however there may be circumstances when members themselves may choose to offer proof of their membership as they develop their career by providing their membership PIN to a relevant individual or organisation. That individual or organisation can then obtain confirmation of membership by entering the membership PIN into the search field and clicking the search button.

Please note NACAS officials will not undertake a member search without the express permission of the member.

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Registration with a Regulator

If you work in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales you may be required to register with the respective regulator in your region.

For more details, please click on the following links for more details.

The Scottish Social Services Council:

Social Care Wales:

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council:

Presently, there is no official register for professional care and support workers in England.

It is the responsibility of the individual care worker, and/or the provider to ensure that where compulsory registration with a care regulator is required, that this is carried out. NACAS assumes NO responsibility for this but can offer advice if a care worker is unsure.

Cancellation of Membership

NACAS reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member who it reasonably considers to have breached its Code of Ethics or acted in a manner that the Association believes brings disrepute to our vocation, its members, employers and NACAS.