Frequently Asked Questions

What is NACAS?

NACAS has been set up by care workers, for care workers as a professional body for all frontline employed care workers in the UK. It is a Not-For-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, and is registered at Companies House, Cardiff. Company Number: 10090264.

What is the purpose of NACAS?

There are in excess of 1.6 million employed care workers in the UK, and this figure is set to increase. Unlike other established and recognised care professionals, such as nurses, GPs, social workers etc., care workers do not have a professional body to further their interests or give a voice to their concerns in the social care sector. NACAS has been set up to address this imbalance.

Care workers in the UK are some of the most committed and caring people in the social care sector and face many issues on a daily basis, and yet our incredibly important work is very often unrecognised, unappreciated or not given the respect it deserves.

NACAS also believes that care workers should be considered as professionals in their field. NACAS will and is working directly with all the major stakeholders in the social care sector, including regulators, inspectors, care providers, training organisations, trade unions, governments and any other industry-related organisations.

Is NACAS a Trade Union?

No, NACAS is not a trade union, though the line differentiating the two is often blurred. Briefly:

  • Trade Union
    An organisation, that represents the people who work in a particular industry, protects their rights, and discusses their pay and working conditions with employers.
  • Professional Body
    A professional association – usually a non-profit organisation – that seeks to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and serve the public interest. NACAS will work with any trade union on a collaborative and complimentary basis, for the benefit of care workers in the UK.

Why is there a membership fee?

Like all other professional bodies, NACAS has an annual membership fee. If we want care practitioners to be seen as professionals, it is important that, as a professional body ourselves, we are seen to act and represent our members in a professional capacity. This is why as an association we have developed a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Levying a membership fee gives ownership to the member and accountability to the Board of Directors. Also included in the membership fee is access to an extensive range of benefits that members and their families can enjoy.

Can my employers penalize me for joining NACAS?

You have the right under Article 11 of the Human right Acts to Freedom of association to join a legal association or trade union. This is also protected under the employment law.

Are the NACAS founders and directors paid?

No: all the founders and current Board of Directors are volunteers. The founder has set up the association at his own funds. All directors are still working as care workers. The founder and board of directors do not receive any form of remuneration for their work at all. All meetings are attended at their own expense, although there is provision within the Associations' Articles of Association that directors can be reimbursed for legitimate expenses.

Where does my membership fee go, and what is it spent on?

All monies received by NACAS are held in a separate business account. These fees are used for legitimate association business expenses only, such as website development, marketing materials, business cards, administration, etc. As the association grows such expenses are anticipated to increase as we envisage participating in such things as national conferences and outreach sessions. It is hoped that in the fullness of time the association will be in a position to employ a chief executive to oversee the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Why should I join?

Care practitioners in the UK deserve better; NACAS has been founded to work directly with all the major social care stake holders, to have a seat around the table of many of these stakeholders to get across our message and concerns. NACAS aims to bring the voices of care practitioners across the country together under one all-encompassing professional body and, by ranging under the NACAS banner, effect real and lasting change for those working in the care worker vocation.

Who can search the NACAS Register?

NACAS maintain a public register of all its members which is in compliance with the data protection act and GDPR. This register can be accessed by anyone provided you the individual have given them your consent to do so by sharing your Unique reference number. Where a direct request has been made to NACAS by a recognized body for information about our members, the affected individuals will be informed of such request before such information is shared.