Paul Featherstone

Founder & Secretary

Paul is a qualified engineer and manager. Paul came to work in social care quite late in his working career and has become a respected professional care worker in a relatively short time. He also quickly realised that care workers did not get the recognition and respect he felt the vocation deserved given the importance of the work, and how dependent so many people were on care workers to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Paul is passionate about his work and his fellow professional care workers, and he decided that something needed to be done to address the issues that many care workers face on a daily basis, and after two years of research, founded the UK Support Worker Association in March 2016.

As Paul says "Too many care workers across the UK have been getting an unfair deal when it comes to many things, particularly when it comes to recognition, respect and professional status, which is widespread in the sector. In setting up UKSWA, as it was then, I wanted to address that and create a professional body for care workers and help create an environment that would ultimately provide a better deal for them."

In 2017, Paul re-branded UKSWA to become the National Association of Care & Support Workers alongside Mohammed Gbadamosi and, a short while after, with Karolina Gerlich. Paul looks forward to NACAS further establishing itself as a major player in the social care sector, promoting change through innovative thinking, partnership and collaboration and to create a better deal for care workers across the entire country.

Mohammed Gbadamosi

Co-founder & Chair of the Board

Mohammed is a Professional Care Practitioner with extensive experience of the care sector. Mohammed's career in social care began after volunteering and being introduced to care while studying for his first degree in International Relations and Politics.

He started his care career as an agency care worker rising through the ranks and working in several capacities which includes being a Care Assistant, Support Worker, Senior Care and Support Worker, Mental Health Support Worker, Deputy Manager, Scheme Manager, Registered Care Manager and Head of Care.

Mohammed's passion for the industry has seen him win awards and recognition. He won the "Best Home Care Manager" at 2015 Great British Care Awards and was a National Finalist in the same Category. This award is given to one who has demonstrated a high level of expertise, and exceptional skills in managing the support and care of people in their own homes – a very complex business. Mohammed showed vision in developing viable quality services and supporting staff to meet the ever-changing needs of the people they supported.

Mohammed holds several industry qualifications, including an NVQ Level 4 and a Master's in Health and Social Care. Mohammed's career in care is proof of how it is possible to achieve and sustain a successful career in social care.

Mohammed Co-Founded NACAS in 2017 to ensure the vocation he loves can be finally recognised as a profession, and care workers are given the deserved respect for the skilled job they do. He is passionate about workforce development and the use of technology in social care.

Karolina Gerlich

Founding Director & CEO

Karolina started working in care as a part-time job. With time, she realised that caring for people is where she feels the most fulfilled and useful. She has worked as a care worker for the past nine years. Karolina has worked as a live-in carer, personal assistant, home care worker and has supported people in care homes.

She comes from a manufacturing, hospitality and management background and brings attention to detail, awareness and risk management and lean management into her care work and work for the association.

Karolina also brings skills from many courses she has completed such as business administration, IT and social media.

Karolina has a passion for studying and learning which has been appreciated by her employer presenting her with the "competency award' last year. She believes that care professionals have a duty to educate themselves and improve their skills and knowledge continually and that care work should be a profession where annual CPD points are necessary to continue working. She is studying for a degree in Psychology with the Open University and a BTEC HND in Health and Social Care.

Karolina joined NACAS in 2017 with a passion for educating the care industry and the society that care workers do fantastic work that deserves respect and recognition. She believes that care workers cannot be expected to provide care with dignity and respect when they do not receive it themselves.

Karolina hopes that by educating people from a young age that helping people gives a great feeling of joy and fulfilment and that care work is a career, we can improve the care industry and the way the society works as well.