Code of Ethics

In order to deliver on its mission, the National Association of Care and Support Workers wants to elevate the profession and protect the vulnerable members of the public we serve by ensuring that as care workers and members we are competent and act in an ethical manner. NACAS's own Code of Ethics accomplishes this objective by providing guidance to CSW's as to what is acceptable professional conduct, and by establishing and encouraging the acceptance and maintenance of nationwide standards of knowledge and ethics for all CSW's. The Code of Ethics sets out the principles that guide member conduct.

In Wales, this Code of Ethics promotes and endorses the Social Care Wales' Code of Professional Practice in Social Care, and likewise endorses similar Codes of Professional Practice currently applicable in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The NACAS Code of Ethics consists of four overarching common-sense principles.

Working with Skill and Competence

  • To provide excellence in the quality of the care and support given to the individuals under their care
  • To employ and observe all appropriate health and safety measures in the work environment in which they are practicing
  • To ensure that their work activities are within the scope of their knowledge, experience and skill, and aligned with the defined professional responsibilities of care practitioners
  • To strive to balance the needs of the individuals under their care with the interests of the individuals' families/guardians and/or the member's employer, acting in good faith towards all parties at all times

A Commitment to Professional Growth and Support of Care Practitioners

  • To make every effort to keep their knowledge and skills up to date
  • Members are encouraged to partake in activities and professional development sessions organised for the members of the Association
  • Members are also encoraged to contribute to the development of their colleagues by sharing their knowledge and experience with other members of the Association

Working with Integrity and Respect for the Law

  • To work with integrity, in a manner that supports and advances the care practitioner profession, their employer, and will not bring the care practitioner profession, their employer or NACAS into disrepute
  • To provide services in an honest and diligent manner
  • To not knowingly assist in or encourage dishonesty or illegal conduct
  • Any member who discovers or believes that dishonesty or an illegal activity has been occurring in an organisation or workplace should take every appropriate action to report and where it is safe to do so, stop the activity
  • Not permit or allow to permit any personal interest that may lead to a lack of judgment or to cause them to act in an unprofressional manner
  • To maintain the strictest confidentiality with all information acquired in the course of the performance of their duties, unless required by law and/or where abuse is suspected
  • To refrain from using such information with a view to obtaining a direct or indirect benefit for him/herself or for another person

A Commitment to Respect and Dignity

  • To respect the rights and dignity of all individuals for whom they provide care and support
  • Members, as far as they are able, protect the physical and mental health of all individuals for whom they provide care and support
  • Under no circumstances should a member, in the course of their work, engage in or condone any of the following acts directed against the individuals for whom they provide care and support:
    1. Any acts of physical or psychological violence
    2. Any acts of harassment or intimidation
    3. Any acts or suspected acts of financial impropriety
    4. Any acts of discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status or disability
    5. Any sexual impropriety
  • Under no circumstances should a member engage in or condone any of those same acts directed against their fellow professionals