NACAS is setting standards for what it means to be a care/support worker. The Association has its own Standards of Practice, which are reviewed regularly, but it is also setting out what defines a care worker, and has established 5 levels of accreditation within that definition.


NACAS feels that the word "worker" (as in "care worker") unintentionallygives the impression that our work is unskilled, which we all agree is not the case. We are therefore replacing the word worker with "practitioner". A practitioner is defined as "a person who is engaged in the practice of a profession, occupation or something specified etc". Care working is an occupation and a speciality, so at NACAS all our accredited members will be referred to as Professional Care Practitioners. In time, we would like to see this title adopted across the social care sector.

Accreditation Roles

Under the title Professional Care Practitioner (PCP), NACAS has defined 5 clear accredited membership levels, that reflect a person’s experience, vocational qualifications and current job title:

PCP Level Example Job Titles
1 New to the sector, working a probationary period or newly qualified members with less than one year’s experience. Assistant Care Worker; Support Worker
2 Qualified care and support workers, and those with more than a year’s experience. Care Worker; Care Assistant; Personal Assistant; Support Worker; Domiciliary Care Worker; Activities Worker
3 Members on this level have more advanced responsibility. Members in this role will have achieved additional competency to carry out their role, for example: administering medication, specialist skill sets in areas such as Mental Health, Dementia etc. Senior Care Worker; Senior Support Worker; Field Supervisor; Health Care Assistant; Enhanced Care Worker; Rehabilitation Worker; Recovery and Mental Health Support Worker
4 Members on this level will have supervisory responsibilities in addition to their primary role. Team Leader; Care Coordinator; Care Assessor; Deputy/Assistant Managers & Trainers
5 Management level Registered Manager; Commissioner; Service Manager