What is NACAS?

The National Association of Care and Support Workers (NACAS) is a social care stakeholder and the recognised professional membership association for all regulated and unregulated health and social care workers in the UK.

NACAS is owned and managed by its members.

NACAS is an independent professional body and offers a range of professional services and benefits to its members. It campaigns for greater recognition and respect for care workers, alongside improved standards of care delivery, training, fair contractual terms and for the creation of an official register for care workers in England and supports the official registers in the devolved regions of the UK. NACAS has a set of membership rules that it expects its members to reasonably abide by including its Code of Ethics. NACAS does not regulate or impose restrictions and conditions or enforcement on its members.

Professional Recognition

NACAS dismisses the notion that care work is an unskilled job and promotes care and support work as a profession - a profession that is a career of choice, with a defined career path and specialisms (that should be rewarded accordingly).

Care working is challenging and rewarding career, a career that both men and women can be proud to part. NACAS encourages more men to consider a career in professional care & support working.

By joining the NACAS, care and support workers demonstrate their passion for their vocation, and a willingness and commitment to set professional standards and a real desire to further their own personal development. Members agree with and adhere to the values set out within our Code of Ethics.


NACAS is run in accordance with the organisation’s by-laws, has a clear set of Aims & Objectives and is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by its members. The board of directors are supported by appointed Advisory Board members.