The NACAS Register

NACAS Verified Membership is open to unregulated Health and Social Care workers willing to demonstrate their commitment to professional standards and continuous personal development (CPD).

All Verified members will appear on the Association's voluntary register.

We are working with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) to achieve recognition and accreditation for our register. Once accedited, members on our register will have proof of their personal commitment to meeting high professional standards. This will also offer protection and assurance to members of the public and organisations employing Care and Support Workers that individuals are committed to their profession and career.

Search the Register

To search the register:

  1. Required: Enter the first name and surname
  2. Optional: Enter the membership number or location
  3. Click Search

Complaints and Compliance

The register will be kept up to date by the registrar; whilst NACAS checks the identity, right-to-work and qualifications of its applicants for membership and existing members, we do not in any way substitute for the employer's responsibility to carry out these checks.

NACAS expects its members to comply with our standards. We will investigate and take appropriate action and may sanction members as necessary. Members under investigation, requiring retraining or having incomplete administrative compliance will have their status revised to "inactive" pending resolution.

Members will be removed from the register if:

Members may cancel their membership either temporarily or permanently.

If a member is removed as a result of a sanction, they will only be able to rejoin after a period of three years, and must meet the requirements of a new member.

In all other cases, reentry to the register can be done by reapplying.