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Care Worker Registration in Wales

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The Welsh Government has tasked Social Care Wales with the compulsory registration of Domiciliary Care Workers in Wales from April 2020. NACAS, the professional association for care workers in the UK, feels that it is essential that the care workforce themselves should be fully engaged in all decisions that directly affect them.

NACAS fully supports registration, but only if the process is right. At the moment, Social Care Wales are proposing qualification-based registration, which if it goes ahead, could have severe consequences for many care workers, who do not have or wish to have a formal qualification. There may be other care workers who for a variety of reasons feel unable to complete a qualification.

NACAS therefore is suggesting to Social Care Wales to consider a less restrictive form of registration.

With this in mind we require your input, if you are a care worker in Wales, please take the time to complete our survey. It is completely anonymous. We need to know what you think about registration in Wales, what you know about it, and how it will affect you. This is really important, as this will be the only opportunity care workers will have to voice their opinions on this most critical of issues.

The information we gather from the survey will be used to inform Social Care Wales, and to influence their policy on registration.

If you are a care worker in England or elsewhere, we would ask you to also consider completing our survey as the information will be used by NACAS, in our ongoing discussions with the CQC, in regard to care worker registration in England.