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Corporate Membership

The social care sector has one of most transient workforces in any industry sector in the United Kingdom; care providers (of which there are many) are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, train and retain frontline care support workers.

As NACAS strives to deliver on its mission statement, we hope to develop meaningful partnerships, and gain the support of the UK’s employers of the carer workforce. We will create mutually beneficial relationships between care workers and their employers.

We believe that the care industry will grow professionally through improved standards of training and performance; our hope is by doing so, the carer workforce will earn, and consequently receive, the respectful working environment they deserve. It is our belief that this will also result in greater retention of staff, reduction in an employers’ recruitment costs, greater job satisfaction and a general rise in the respect and recognition for our work in health and social care.

Currently NACAS provides a voluntary register of its members. This register is for the purposes of both raising standards within the care sector and end user confidence in the industry.

NACAS invites care providers, training providers and other companies, charities and institutions involved in the care sector to become corporate members.

NACAS Corporate Members receive:

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