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NACAS/Community - What We Do

Community (CU) is a registered trade union and an organisational partner of NACAS. Find out how we protect professional care workers.

Community is fast becoming the go to UK trade union for professional care workers.

Community works with NACAS to protect professional care workers, having a professional association and trade union together is important for the care working profession. We aim to be the best trade union for care workers.

Only a trade union can guarantee representation in hearings before an employer. We’re a fast growing trade union in the UK with 30,000 members. Opting in to NACAS/Community means you’ll receive guaranteed protection at employer hearings and representation from Community Trade Union officials. We work alongside NACAS, which offers advice and representation at regulatory body hearings.

Our Aim

Through positive relationships with government and international bodies, Community will strive to improve the terms and conditions of professional care workers and fight for better resources for the people who use these services.

Community and those who represent it will:


Community has a partnership with NACAS. As a member of NACAS, you can opt in to NACAS/Community for a combined fee of £4.94 a month - or just 16p a day.

Membership Benefits

Plus a lot more...