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Opt In to NACAS/Community for guaranteed representation at hearings before an employer.

Community is a trade union with a dedicated service for care workers. These are challenging times for the care workforce and they need the best protection possible. We believe that NACAS and Community working together, provide the best protection for the care workforce, and we strongly encourage all members to opt-in to NACAS/Community.

Only a trade union can guarantee representation at a workplace hearing. As a NACAS member you will receive advice and representation before the regulatory body but if you do not opt into NACAS/Community, and are not a member of another trade union, you risk not being able to secure representation at a hearing before your employer, at which your employment could be in jeopardy. Community supports members with swift, practical advice and representation.

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Combined Membership of NACAS/Community from £4.94 per month or just 0.16p per day.

To e-mail us about NACAS/Community, please email communitytu@nacas.org.uk.