Advisory Board

Gaye Clark

Chris Hall

Chris has over eight years’ experience in medical and healthcare communications with a particular focus on medical education across a range of disciplines in the UK and across the world. These include diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, dermatology, men’s health, data transparency, respiratory and cell therapy. He regularly creates and reviews educational materials for a variety of healthcare professional audiences, as well as patients and the general public.

Before embarking on a career in healthcare communications, Chris completed a Ph.D. in ecotoxicology at the University of Aberdeen. Chris has a prominent personal interest in the public engagement of science and medicine, specifically translating complex science and data into public and patient-friendly language. He has advised the British Science Museum, is a registered STEM Ambassador and regularly volunteers in schools to promote STEM understanding, as well as mentoring. He is also a member of the British Interactive Group (BIG), the skills sharing network for individuals involved in STEM communications.

Chris has significant publication experience including managing and writing publications and numerous conference abstracts and presentations. Chris previously published his own research and is a former reviewer for an international scientific journal (Journal of Invertebrate Reproduction and Development). His focus throughout all of his work is on how collaboration across disciplines can improve patient access to innovative treatments and improve the health system.

Andrew Ottaway

Andrew’s primary focus is on assisting clients in the gathering and analysis of information on human- and organisational-factors events. He served in the British Army as a helicopter pilot, mission commander, instructor, and safety specialist, followed by two decades in offshore exploration and production, specialising in effective safety communication. Throughout, he has studied and developed methodologies for confidential disclosure and analysis programmes, working with current practitioners with the long-term ambition of bringing this highly effective solution for overcoming obstructions to safety communication to the forefront of operations in such areas as health- and social-care, global transportation, construction, and the petroleum industry.

Derrick Tait

Bill Watson